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Always one step ahead of the office and common space industry

We know that the office furniture helps to convey the values of each company, therefore, we have the possibility of customizing the design for each customer.

40 Rows of Chairs
11 Furniture Lines
12 Folding Mechanisms
15 Bed frames/beds

Rigorous selection of raw materials

We guarantee products with the best value for money.  All the raw materials, woods, fillings, fabrics and metals, have quality certificates provided by our suppliers.

State-of-the-art equipment and processes

We invest in innovation and technology and develop innovative production processes.  Thus, we achieve objectives and meet goals outlines by our customers.

Specialized manpower

The training of our employees is always a priority.  We invest in the learning of the most recent and innovative techniques that, together with our years of experience, allow us to create high quality products.


More than an office furniture brand

With 17 years of experience in the Group to which it belongs, the Lomm brand arises to meet the needs in environments where there is the demand for adjustment of the spaces and equipment.  The high quality, comfort and design of the Lomm products allow for their use for long periods of time.

We work with the most rigorous standards of quality control, with the aim of the absolute satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Domestic market

With 17 years of experience we have the acknowledgment of the domestic market that currently places us at the forefront of the segment.

International expansion

The expansion to the international markets arose naturally and we are now present in more than 30 countries, with specific catalogues for the most diverse markets.


Professionalism, experience, precision and creativity

Find out who is behind the creativity and innovation of our products.

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