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Laser Cutting

Lomm is equipped with a state-of-the-art fibre CNC laser cutting machine, which allows for the cutting of sheet metal with high precision, without the need for subsequent trimming, in a wide range of materials and thicknesses: steel up to 12mm; stainless steel up to 10mm; aluminium up to 10mm; brass up to 6mm and copper up to 8mm.  Size of the table 3000×1500mm.

Electric Bending Machine

We have an electrical tube bender, with the most advanced technology and performance on the market.  Fully electric tube bending machine (9 axes), with capacity to bend a tube with a diameter of 53mm with multiple fixed and variable radii in an automatic cycle.


We are also equipped with an electrostatic paint line, with thermosetting paint powder coating (epoxy).  Comprised of a treatment tunnel, a drying tunnel, a paint booth, a polymerization booth and a transport line.  Size of the entrance: 600×1060mm.


Due to the specificity and precision of our products, we have two CNC machines available that allow us to shoot from 20mm up to 2,5 meters, with a maximum force of 120 tons.

In addition to standard tools, we also have a wide range of special tools.


Our welding area consists of various robotized cells, some installed on two axes, horizontal and vertical, which can be synchronized with the rotation of the cell itself, allowing for complex welding to be carried out on oversized products.  We also have articulated cells with 6 axes available, which allow us to weld in several positions and angles, for a greater efficiency and scope.

We also do manual spot welding and we also work with Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) processes for different types of results.

International know-how and experience

We have a team with specific skills in order to provide specialized advice and present the most appropriate solutions for your needs, with products specially conceived to correspond to the most demanding standards and certifications required.

Vast range of product and options

Imagine the spaces, we make the best environments come true and we ensure a quick response by means of standard catalogue products, with enormous versatility, which surprise you with their myriad of combinations; the possibility of customizing a vast range of products, to ensure the needs of each specific project; or the ability to develop, from scratch, technical solutions and select materials that turn into products with excellent design and quality.

Transform ideas and environments into industrially viable products

We face the challenges/opportunities to develop and assemble “in loco” products of samples or full-scale prototypes very naturally, which correspond to the highest standards of excellence in terms of quality, durability, design and performance.

Versatility and flexibility of the productive processes

Our design and industrial production teams work together and very closely, giving special importance to the selection of raw materials and to the processes and techniques of industrial transformation with rigorous quality control procedures, with the aim of ensuring the achievement of end products that fully correspond to that desired.

Rigorous operational planning

We articulate the aspects of production, logistics and assembly depending on the objectives and deadlines associated with each project.  Our international experience allows us to ensure the best logistic solutions suitable for each destination market, within a logic of optimization of transportation costs and “in loco” assembly times.


Excellence in the materials and products

Guarantee, compliance tests, safety and a zero defect policy guide us from the outset.


The best of us is in the world that surrounds us

We know that the protection of the Environment is a key asset for the Company’s sustainability.

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